National Marine Aquarium – Or Happy Unbirthday

The smallest of the little Wilsons made it to a whole half a year last week, so we thought we would go out for an unbirthday treat. We headed down to Plymouth to the National Marine Aquarium and let the tiddlers run riot. They LOVE watching the shark feeding and could spend hours staring at the jellyfish. Little Wilson 4 was particularly in awe of the big tanks and all the fishes swimming around in front of her.


Happy Unbirthday our gorgeous smallest one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting The Kids Involved

The kids are really enjoying visiting and working on the allotment. They have commandeered their own corner of the plot and have already sown some runner beans (lets hope the frost stays away). We spent 5 hours on Sunday digging and clearing, and not once did we hear “I’m bored/tired/hungry”. They were all desperate for a job (which became a bit of a struggle to find them something appropriate to do) and had boundless amounts of energy. We even had comments from other lottie holders about how nice it was to see them getting stuck in.

I really hope they continue to enjoy it, and that their beans grow!!!!!

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