National Marine Aquarium – Or Happy Unbirthday

The smallest of the little Wilsons made it to a whole half a year last week, so we thought we would go out for an unbirthday treat. We headed down to Plymouth to the National Marine Aquarium and let the tiddlers run riot. They LOVE watching the shark feeding and could spend hours staring at the jellyfish. Little Wilson 4 was particularly in awe of the big tanks and all the fishes swimming around in front of her.


Happy Unbirthday our gorgeous smallest one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are slowly slowly slowly getting our plot into some sort of shape. We have some beds with plants in, potatoes in their trenches and a green house (freebie from Gumtree) that is withstanding the wind! The kids are thoroughly enjoying being “wild and free” and absolutely love getting stuck in. Now that the weather is getting better, we can spend a lot more time there and really get our teeth into this growing malarkey.

IMG_3430 IMG_3434 IMG_3436 IMG_3437 IMG_3504


We have seedlings! With much thanks to Little Wilson 3, we have tons of seeds in situ. We have pumpkins, peas, carrots, spinach, onions, cabbage, parsnips and broccoli. We also have potatoes chitting in the downstairs loo (like you do).

We can’t wait to get them in the ground!!!!!

IMG_3272 IMG_3274 IMG_3276

Getting The Kids Involved

The kids are really enjoying visiting and working on the allotment. They have commandeered their own corner of the plot and have already sown some runner beans (lets hope the frost stays away). We spent 5 hours on Sunday digging and clearing, and not once did we hear “I’m bored/tired/hungry”. They were all desperate for a job (which became a bit of a struggle to find them something appropriate to do) and had boundless amounts of energy. We even had comments from other lottie holders about how nice it was to see them getting stuck in.

I really hope they continue to enjoy it, and that their beans grow!!!!!

20160313_154135 20160313_131114  20160313_123706 20160313_142705 20160313_151145

Finally Some Sunshine!!

We’ve had birthday parties, weekends away and some awful weather to keep us away from our allotment, but this weekend we FINALLY managed to get down there!

We took up a load of the old carpet that had been left by the previous holder. Cheers for that. While it was great not having to get rid of the grass, it was hard work yanking up tons of sodden and grass riddled carpet. Not to mention the fact that we now have to get rid of it somehow.

We’ve managed to pop in a path or two and turn over some of the “beds”.

20160313_154030 20160313_154011

Excuse the photo bomber!

The One Where Our Allotment Becomes A Movie Setting!

It would appear that strimming grass and hoiking up old carpet isn’t exciting enough for the 10yo Little W. Instead, he decided to create a Zombie movie. Like you do. There are a couple of seriously dilapidated sheds and shelters on our unoccupied neighbouring plots which totally work with the apocalyptic scene that they were trying to create.

So without further ado, here is our budding Quentin Tarantino’s creation……….. (please be aware that no children, or zombies, were harmed during the filming of this movie).

Feel free to share. He would be soooooooo excited if he got to 100 views!!!


Best of Worst


My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows

Challenge One – Shelter

The weather has been horrific lately, which means we haven’t been able to work on the allotment as much as we would have liked (what a shocker in winter). But it did get us to thinking that our main priority is going to have to have to be shelter not just to keep the tools safe but to also keep the kiddos safe when we are doing “grown up” jobs.

So here is a list of things we need from our shelter.

  • Must be dry
  • Needs to be secure
  • Must have seating
  • Must double up as growing space (maybe climbers on the outer walls)
  • Must must MUST have a camping stove
  • Must be big enough to fit 6 people

Obviously it would be great if it looked super awesome and we were the envy of the allotment………………………but that isn’t looking likely.

Here are a few Shedspirations to keep us going while we plan our little shelter.

The Grow & Store ~ think I could talk Stevo into converting the small shed? *crosses fingers*:

Shed/Greenhouse – The Grow Store from Gabriel Ash

How To Build A Plastic Bottle Greenhouse -

How To Build A Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

21 DIY Greenhouses with Great Tutorials - A Piece of Rainbow:

21 Amazing DIY Greenhouses with Great Tutorials

The Essential Guide To Back Garden Self Sufficiency – Review

Because all of this growing malarkey is pretty new for us (give or take a few whopper runner bean plants and the odd potato haul), we thought we should start doing some background research. Although Mrs W has a serious addiction to Pinterest, nothing beats grabbing a book and heading to the lottie for an hour or twos peace and quiet.

The first book we picked up was The Essential Guide To Back Garden Self Sufficiency. This. Book. Is. Awesome! Not only does it give you plans depending on how big your plot is, but also gives you ideas if you are short of time, how to manage livestock and even has a flowers and herbs section. I get the feeling we will be picking up a second hand copy of this book to keep for ourselves.